Ray Bracey

Software Developer

Charleston, SC


Very Comfortable

  • C# / Visual Studio
  • .Net Framework
  • SQL / Entity Framework
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • Unity3D / XNA
  • Agile
  • TFS / GIT


  • React.js
  • .Net Core
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Java
  • AJAX
  • Web API (Swagger)
  • Dependancy Injection


  • Full Stack Developer
    Booz Allen Hamilton: July '18 to now

    Developing a web application that gives options about the food trucks that come to this company. Users would be able to see what's schedule, leave reviews, and requests future trucks. Admins would be able to schedule trucks and handle requests.

    • React.js
    • Docker
    • VS Code
    • IntelliJ
    • Agile
  • Full Stack Developer / Scrum Master
    Boeing: Oct '15 to July '18

    Maintained internal legacy web applications, modernized an existing application applying best practices and latest technologies, and handling Scrum Master duties to ensure projects followed the best agile practices.

    First team I was on I handled several legacy applications. Involved basic ASP.Net websites that request simple quality of life implementations, as well as bug fixes and optimization improvements.

    Second team I joined was asked to create a modern version of an exisitng application. It would be a web application that would have all the work be done in the cloud, so a user didn't have do everything on their local machine.

    Assigned Scrum Master to that team. I would organize our daily standups, facilitate meetings with the customers, and organize our backlong groomings, sprint kickoffs, and retrospectives.

    Application involved gathering reports based on data sent by engineers about plane parts and how they're connected. User stories would be converted into business logic followed by unit testing. When complete I'd submit a pull request for review, where other developers would review.

    Using TFS for continuous integration and delivery, so that whenever a developer pushes code it would trigger a build. Accepted pull requests would automatically be sent to our development enviroment. Test and Production required a manual trigger.

    • C#
    • Visual Studio 15/17
    • TFS Version Control
    • GIT Version Control
    • SQL / Entity Framework
    • MVC / Razor
    • Web API (Swagger)
    • Dependancy Injection
    • Unit Testing
    • Continuous Integration / Delivery
    • Agile
  • Lead 3D Developer
    SysEDA: Oct '12 to Mar '15

    Developed a 3D visualization tool for a project to help design prototypes for the interior of navy ships. To accomplish this I had to learn about 3D graphics, matrices, and calculations between multiple matrices and vectors.

    Using TFS for version control and a simple Kanban workflow we were able to develop effienctly as most developers were working on different projects.

    The 3D tool would start off with a ship hull. Then the user would add decks and bulkheads to design the layout. Next the major ship components would be placed into the areas. Finally, connections (HVAC, piping, etc.) would be mapped out through the ship.

    Created dynamic meshes to represent decks and bulkheads, as well as splitting those meshes into smaller meshes. Also created meshes for connections that either go along a specific path, or find the quickest path using a 3D version of Dijkstra's algorithm.

    Calculated the volume of a mesh, as well as multiple meshes that takes into account any overlap. Determined if two meshes are colliding. First by brute force using a series of boxes that would be broken down more and more to wrap around a mesh. Eventually I'd be able to determine it by specific points from the overlap of a mesh's triangles.

    • C#
    • Visual Studio 10/12/13
    • TFS Version Control
    • XNA
    • Silverlight
  • Video Game Development

    Began my computer programming career by learning how to program an indie video game for the Xbox 360.

    I believe this project was critical for my career because it showed me how to be self-sufficient when discovering a new technology. I was able to convert what I was taught in University into skills, and discovered how to find answers for everything else.

    The game, Blockey, took about four months to develop while learning about .Net, C#, and fundamental game programming concepts.

    Released in September 2010, Blockey would be that month's top selling game in Canada. The game would go on to have 2,000 purchases and over 10,000 free demos.

    • C#
    • Visual Studio 05/08
    • XNA
  • Notable experiences

    • Insurance Application Developer
      Identifying bad IT practices
    • Charity Website Developer
      Practiced PHP / MySQL
    • Teaching Assistant
      Handled lab exercises for basic computer science courses
    • Math Tutor
      Taught math to high school students up to calculus
    • Sign Holder
    • Ice Cream Scooper
    • Baseball Concessions


  • University of South Carolina
    Columbia, SC - 2012

  • George Washington High School
    Danville, VA - 2007

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